There is no ‘right’ time to experience the Serengeti migration. In summer, when the wildebeest calve and graze in the lush grasslands of the south the scene is almost pastoral, despite the toothy predators that watch unseen. In winter, when the herds are in the north, the air all but crackles with the excitement of treacherous river crossings and the long, dangerous journey ahead.

But at any time of the year, Kimondo is pitched in the heart of the action. Away from the crowds, but within striking distance of the most memorable moments of this age-old natural wonder. At every step of the way Asilia Africa’s specialist guides provide in-depth insight into the inner-workings of the migration, ensuring you get to live the migration, not merely see it.


Game Drives

Wildlife viewing and bird watching game drives are offered twice per day. Experienced guides encourage guests to see and experience the Serengeti through their eyes, sharing a world of small and large wonders that only they truly know and understand. Guests can arrange full days in the bush with picnic lunches or shorter excursions returning to enjoy the tranquility of camp.


Cultural Visits

Cultural visits are available when Kimondo is in the north of the Serengeti (July – November). Guests can visit a local Kuria village and learn more about this ancient culture.

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